The Scheduler calendar module was designed with an intuitive interface for managing reservations and the complex rules that often go hand-in-hand with them.

  • Users can make/edit their own bookings in just a few clicks, using our easy-to-use Graphical Calendar Display
  • Our calendar can show ALL your resources simultaneously in a single screen
  • Different resource states are designated by different colors for easy viewing
  • Rolling the mouse over booked appointments displays all details of the booking
  • As admin, you can make bookings for any user.
  • Admins can edit/cancel any existing appointments.
  • Admins can add cyclic "Maintenance" or "Down-time" separately for each resource so that all users can view it.


Rules provides several built-in validation rules that can be applied to the schedules.

  • It automatically warns users if they violate a rule.
  • Rules allows admins to set limits such as the time per booking, hours per week, etc
  • Admins can easily set the amounts for cancellation fees and no-show penalties.
  • They can allocate special "prime time" periods for each day of the week, for high user demand
  • Admins can also have multiple rule configurations, each with their own set of validation rules
  • Admins can override validation rules.


LabUsage, our copyrighted cross-platform tool, can be set to automatically track actual usage on each resource connected to an instrument. This helps in billing resources with very fine precision.

  • It records actual "Application" usage, and not just System-level login/logouts.
  • Tracks usage with precision, down to seconds.
  • Truly cross-platform: can work on Windows, Mac and Linux-based machines.
  • Has provisions in case of unforeseen events such as a computer crash, computer log-out, or hard shutdown.
  • In case of a network outage, it can work in Manual mode which allows admins to login for users.
  • If a machine does not have internet access (offline), admins can manually upload usage logs for it.


This module allows administrators to generate Invoices and Bills.

  • Provides admins the ability to export billing to CSV, XLS, HTML formats
  • Admins can easily change the Charge Rate, Penalties imposed, etc
  • Perform custom searches on billing data over parameters like schedule-date, username, resource-name, lab-name, etc
  • Export all your custom search results to CSV, XLS, HTML formats
  • Automatically generate professional custom invoices for your users at the click of a button
  • Email out automatically generated invoices directly to your users

Reports & Charts

This feature allows administrators to generate various reports & graphs based on the usage pattern of each instrument.

  • View the relation between various criteria such as schedules, usages, revenue, instruments, users, labs, etc.
  • Save the results as XLS, DOCX, PDF or as an image.
  • Admins can analyze these reports & develop more effective services & validation rules.

Custom Solutions

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